Lean Beef

Our Award winning lean beef is only sourced from the best of British farms to guarantee you the highest welfare standards for our new healthy range. If you are looking for succulence and taste, combined with low fat, low carbs and protein packed goodness, then our grass fed beef is for you. Eating healthy has never tasted so good!

We love food and we love to eat, so you won’t see a supplements on our site – Just 100% natural British Beef carefully selected and hand cut to reduce the carbs and fats but with the focus on taste and the essential nutrients your body has craved ever since we were living in caves. If you want “super tasty” combined with “super healthy”! you want our perfectly lean beef. Lean Beef doesn’t get any better.

Our butchers have carefully selected the leanest cuts of beef especially for you. Our range includes low fat minced beef, ideal for a Spag Bol or chilli, beef strips and cubes and our finest fillet steak. It’s not often you would expect to see a burger in the lean section, but our brisket burgers are low fat, gluten and absolutely delicious. All available for next day delivery across the UK.

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