Low Fat and Lean Box


Feeds approximately 12 Meals.

2 x Venison Loin Steaks – approx 170g (6oz) each
2 x Turkey Escalope – approx 200g (7oz) each
4 x Chicken Breast Fillets – skinless, approx 170g-195g (6-7oz) each
2 x Mince Chicken – approx 500g
2 x Diced Chicken Breast – approx 500g
2 x Chicken Strips – approx 500g
2 x Diced Turkey – approx 500g

You can have your order delivered Tuesday to Saturday. The Nationwide flat rate charge is £5.95 for weekday deliveries, the charge for a Saturday delivery is £8.00. Order before for 12 midday Monday to Friday for next day delivery. T&C’s apply, check our delivery policy for further details. Customers in the EX17 postcode area can choose free local delivery.


Frozen Venison Loin Steaks UK DeliveryVenison Loin Steaks – approx 170g (6oz) each
This is the tenderest meat money can buy. Absolutely delicious, healthy, full of iron, omega 3s and generally a super food. The ultimate muscle food, 34% protein. Cook it quick and keep it rare in the middle. If you have never had it, you will be truly amazed when you do.

Frozen Turkey Delivery UKTurkey Escalope – approx 200g (7oz) each
A favourite amongst any of those wanting super lean, tasty and healthy meat. Naturally high in protein and low in fat, these escalope’s are a flexible addition to any calorie controlled diet or just those who love the taste of turkey.

Frozen Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet UK DeliveryChicken Breast Fillets – skinless, approx 170g-195g (6-7oz) each
If you want “super tasty” combined with “super healthy”! you want our perfect poultry. With a creamy, buttery flavour and nothing but pure chicken. Our premium British farm fillets won’t shrink in the pan but will help you shrink those fats and carbs. Healthy meat doesn’t get any better.

Frozen Chicken Mince Online Butcher Shop UK DeliveryMince Chicken – approx 500g
Mince chicken, super lean and made from our delicious British chicken breast. High in protein and low in fat and carbs. The perfect fitness food.

Frozen Diced Chicken UK DeliveryDiced Chicken Breast – approx 500g
Premium chicken fillet from British chicken, diced and ready for a healthy curry, stews or stir-fries. Low Fat and High Protein.

Frozen Chicken Strips Online Butcher Shop UK DeliveryChicken Strips – approx 500g
Tender, hand cut strips of British chicken, ready for a fajita or healthy stir fry, Super lean- Super tasty.

Frozen Turkey Delivery UKDiced Turkey – approx 500g
Diced Welsh turkey breast, tender and takes any sauce of your creation. Super high in Protein and naturally low in fats and Carbs.