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Raw Dog Food The Proper Way

Our product is a complementary raw dog food naturally packed full of essential vitamins and minerals with no fillers or vegetables to bulk up the food. At The Farmer’s Dog we believe simplicity is the key to feeding a successful raw diet. We keep it simple by measuring out a healthy balance of raw meat, offal and ground bone enabling you to tailor to your dog’s individual tastes and health needs.

We also produce a selection of frozen raw meaty bones and treats to engage your dog’s primal instincts while at the same time providing a fantastic source of nutrients in a healthy and tasty snack.

All our products are conveniently packed and frozen ready to dispatch at your beck and call.

Our supply of meat is solely from our parent company which has over 50 years’ experience in supplying high quality premium red meat, poultry and game to high-end hospitality establishments throughout the West Country. All our meat is 100% British and is sourced from accredited abattoirs with only human grade meat used to produce our quality products.