Within The Meat Box Company, traceability of all ingredients & packaging is carried out through retention of:
• Order records
• Invoices/receipts
• Delivery notes
• Temperature records on intake, storage, processing, product load & delivery
• Goods In Intake records
• Batch coding & dating of all raw products
• Slaughterhouse codes & details on all carcasses
• HACCP records
• Production records
• Crate list (delivery)
• Supplier details/ Specifications


To ensure traceability throughout the supply chain, The Meat Box Company will carry out a full traceability exercise each way at least annually. Any gaps in completing full traceability will be considered as high-risk & corrective actions carried out immediately to solve any problems. Once corrective action has been taken a re-test of the whole procedure must be taken to ensure full traceability has been achieved.

Corrective actions may be some or all of the following:

• Changes to policy, systems or procedures
• Changes/additions to monitoring systems
• Removal of product/supplier entirely
• Change of supplier
• Specification request/update
• Re-Training & supervision in traceability requirements

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