A Commitment to Affordability in Challenging Times

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In the face of rising costs and an ever-changing economic landscape, At The Meat Box Company, we recognize the importance of affordability in challenging times, I’ve often been asked how The Meat Box Company continues to offer high-quality British meat at such competitive prices. Today, I’d like to share our journey and commitment to ensuring that every household in the UK can enjoy quality meat without breaking the bank.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is alarming. During the period 28 June to 9 July 2023, a staggering 92% of adults viewed the cost of living as a pressing issue facing the UK. Even more concerning, 60% reported that their cost of living had risen compared to just a month prior. Among these adults, a whopping 96% attributed this increase to the rising price of food shopping.

These statistics are not just numbers; they represent real challenges faced by families across the UK. At The Meat Box Company, we are acutely aware of these challenges and are dedicated to being part of the solution.

Our Price Promise

While prices elsewhere have soared, we’ve made a conscious decision to hold ours steady. Take our 8oz rump steak as an example. Last August, it was priced at £5.15, and we’ve maintained that price this year. For those who choose our bundle and subscription option, that same steak is available for just £4.17. This isn’t a marketing gimmick; it’s our commitment to you.

Savings You Can Count On

Our subscription model is transparent and customer-centric. We guarantee a 10% discount for our subscribers and an additional 10% off for those who opt for our bundles. That’s a total saving of 20% for those who choose both. And let me be clear: these discounts are here to stay. We believe in long-term relationships, not short-term gains. Our subscribers won’t find any hidden clauses or tricky cancellation processes.

Quality Over Marketing

You might wonder how we manage to keep our prices so competitive. The answer is simple: we’ve reduced our spending on marketing and paid advertising. Instead, we’ve focused on our core strength – producing exceptional meat. This decision allows us to pass on the savings directly to you, our valued customers.

Understanding the Bigger Picture

The challenges of the rising cost of living are felt by nearly every household in the UK. As the Director of The Meat Box Company, I believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that quality meat remains accessible to all, especially in these trying times.

In Closing

I’m proud of our team’s dedication and our unwavering commitment to our customers. In these uncertain times, we promise to stand by our ethos of quality and affordability. Together, we can ensure that every meal is both delicious and affordable. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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