The Meat Box Company has implemented an environmental management system to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment through the following practices:

• Wind turbines on site producing 25% all our electricity requirements
• 80kw of solar panels on site to producing 30% all our electricity requirements
• Water meter readings taken weekly to check for leaks & excess consumption
• Water savings of 300% achieved through water audit & use of solenoids
• LED light bulbs with 65% lower energy use in situation throughout the building
• Complete light shut down at night
• Approximately 3 Tonnes of green offal, cutting waste, heads, feet etc. are recycled into pet food weekly
• Cardboard packaging waste is recycled


• Minimal packaging is used where legislation permits
• Clean polythene & pallet wrap is segregated from dirty in production areas
• Clean polythene & pallet wrap recycled & an income generated
• Dirty polythene & pallet wrap recycled & sent for energy for waste
• Separate waste bins for card & paper to allow for correct recycling
• Diesel run delivery vehicles are renewed to ensure modern fuel efficient engines are used
• Provision of fuel efficient driving training for drivers
• ROUTE PLANNER a computer based programme to ensure all routes are set out in advance to minimize mileage & road use
• New customers/contracts must be scheduled to run on existing routes
• Modern on site diesel store with overfill protection/bund/oil trap/lock & electrical isolation
• All end of life vehicles & equipment is retained & recycled before passing to recognized recycling facilities
• Wherever feasible products are sourced or reared in the vicinity
• Top quality insulation for cold rooms to reduce energy consumption

• Modern high efficiency refrigeration units used to reduce energy consumption
• Re-use of waste heat from the refrigeration units to washing, heating & laundry
• Wherever possible business should be conducted via email to eliminate post & paper wastage
• Staff awareness training of our environmental performance & individual responsibilities

To ensure continuous improvement of our Environmental performance The Meat Box Company will regularly review all our activities, operations & procedures to identify & evaluate their environmental impact & set priorities for addressing any issues identified. The Meat Box Company will review & revise our environmental statement annually.


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