Farm Wilder Pork

loin of pork

Proudly Introducing Farm Wilder Pork from Redwoods Farm

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering Farm Wilder pork, sourced from the esteemed Redwoods Farm. Redwoods Farm is renowned for its commitment to natural and ethical farming practices. Their pigs, including traditional breeds like Saddleback, Large Black, and Gloucestershire Old Spot, are raised in a way that allows them to exhibit natural behaviours.

The farm emphasizes outdoor rearing, where pigs forage in pastures and woodlands, contributing to a sustainable ecosystem. This approach not only supports the well-being of the animals but also aids in maintaining soil health and promoting biodiversity. Redwoods Farm’s dedication to using UK-grown grains and reducing reliance on imported feed further highlights their commitment to sustainability.

The result of these practices is slow-grown pork that is of exceptional quality and flavour. By choosing this pork, you are not just enjoying a delicious product, but also supporting a system that values animal welfare, environmental health, and local farming communities.

Experience the difference with our new range of Farm Wilder pork products from Redwoods Farm and join us in supporting a more sustainable and ethical approach to farming.

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