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Unleash a world of flavor with our 100% Pasture Fed Farm Wilder Burgers! Crafted for ultimate succulence and taste, they are the perfect addition to any meal. Pack of 2.


Introducing Our 100% Pasture Fed Farm Wilder Burgers: A Culinary Delight

Experience the True Essence of Pasture Fed Products

Crafted meticulously by our master butchers, each 4 oz burger embodies a harmonious blend of select cuts and the ideal proportion of fat. Our 100% Pasture Fed Farm Wilder Burgers promise a succulent, juicy finish that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Authentic, Rich Flavors from Lush Pastures

Originating from animals that graze freely on lush pastures, our burgers capture the authentic, rich flavors of nature. The pasture-fed lifestyle not only contributes to a deep, robust flavor profile but also ensures a healthier, more nutritious burger. It’s a difference you can taste – purity of flavor, richness that resonates, and succulence that lingers.

Unleash Culinary Possibilities

Cooking these burgers opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Whether grilled to perfection or pan-seared to your liking, the result is always a mouth-watering masterpiece. Adding your personal touch of seasoning or sauces elevates the experience. A hint of blue cheese or a drizzle of smokey BBQ sauce complements the natural meaty goodness exquisitely.

A Celebration of Natural Goodness

Packed with natural goodness, these burgers are more than just a meal. They are an experience, a celebration of the finest meat nature has to offer. Ideal for BBQs, family dinners, or a gourmet homemade treat, our 100% Pasture Fed Farm Wilder Burgers are a testament to quality and flavor, bringing the best of the pasture directly to your plate.

New Addition to The Meat Box Company

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our curated selection at The Meat Box Company – –Farm Wilder –  100% Pasture-Fed 

Additional information

Weight 0.227 kg

50% Farm Wilder Venison 33% Farm Wilder Beef, Potato starch, gluten free rusk, salt, spices, smoke flavour, dehydrated onion, dextrose, yeast extract, pea fibre, flavouring

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