Pasture Fed Loin of Pork

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Premium, pasture-raised pork loin for a taste of sustainable luxury.


Indulge in the tender and flavorful pork loin from pasture-raised pigs. This premium cut reflects our dedication to environmentally friendly farming, ensuring a high-quality choice for meat lovers.

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Weight 1.2 kg
The Farm

Tiverton, Devon

Redwoods Farm aims to farm in a way that has a positive impact on the environment. Their pasture-raised, slow-grown and soy-free meat, is produced in a way that respects the animal and creates a better quality product.

They rear their chickens on a pasture system to encourage their natural foraging behaviour. Additionally, they are fed a 100% soy-free feed, with the majority of feed ingredients sourced within 10 miles of the farm. The birds are moved daily, following cattle out on the pasture. They fertilise the soil with their droppings and help to minimise fly and worm burdens on the cattle by scratching around in the dung pats, and eating insects and larvae. This mimics a natural grassland system, where large flocks of birds follow the herds of grazing ruminants.

“We wanted to grow pasture-raised chicken and thought if we're producing such an environmentally conscious product (in terms of eliminating our artificial fertilise use, improving our soil health and biodiversity), why wouldn't we think about the feed they're eating too’, says Amy Chapple at Redwoods Farm. “So for us it's just as much about being local and regeneratively produced as soy-free itself.”

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