Pasture Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak

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Indulge in the richness of our 8oz Pasture Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak. Aged for 28 days, it combines robust flavors and a firm texture for a memorable meal.

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Unleash Robust Flavors with Pasture Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak

Meet our 8oz Pasture Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak, a cut that boasts character and flavor in abundance. Raised on rich grasslands abundant with herbs and wildflowers, this steak offers a culinary experience that is both unique and memorable. The diverse diet of the cattle infuses the meat with deeper, richer flavors, making every bite a celebration of nature’s bounty.

Known for its firmer texture, the rump steak holds a characteristic that sets it apart from other cuts. Our meticulous preparation from the rump muscle ensures a perfect balance between firmness and tenderness. The generous marbling throughout the steak is a treasure trove of flavor, promising a mouthwatering meal every time.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. We dry age each steak on the bone for 28 days. This aging process intensifies the flavors and enhances the tenderness of the meat, elevating your dining experience to new heights. The result is a steak that is not just a dish, but a culinary journey. A testament to the art of butchery and the richness of pasture-fed beef.

Whether you prefer it grilled to perfection, pan-seared to golden goodness, or oven-roasted for a classic touch, our rump steak adapts and delivers. It’s a versatile cut that invites you to explore, experiment, and enjoy. Pair it with your favorite sides, sauces, or wines, and let the feast begin!

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our curated selection at The Meat Box Company – Farm Wilder 100% Pasture-Fed beef.

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Weight .227 kg


Store frozen until required.

Defrost in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.

Once defrosted, store at the bottom of the fridge and use within 48 hours.

100% Pasture Fed Meat


o Lower total fat levels and a lower saturated fat content.
o Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower, and healthier ratio of omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids
o Significantly higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than meat from grain-fed animals and higher levels of vaccenic acid, which can be turned into CLA.
o Higher vitamin and mineral levels. Particularly rich in vitamins A and E, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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