Supporting The Country Food Trust this Winter

Venison Country Food Trust

The Country Food Trust is a charity founded in 2015 which produces food and donates it to people in need. Since its inception The Country Food Trust has supplied over 350 tonnes of food which has been donated to 1900 charities across the country. Our parent company, MC Kelly, is extremely proud to support this fantastic organisation which has so far delivered over 1.55 million meals to those who are in need.

You will, no doubt, have recently seen footballer Marcus Rashford’s amazing and very successful campaign to extend Free School Meals into the school holidays, and thankfully the Government have found a way to make this happen. But even with this kind of celebrity intervention on behalf of children, The Country Food Trust are finding that more and more families are calling on their services. They have recently launched their 2020 Winter Appeal, which is rather special as it focuses efforts on feeding children in need across the UK. With every £1 donated they will provide a delicious, nutritious meal for a child.

The range of food delivered by The Country Food Trust is continuing to expand. Our involvement so far has been in supplying pheasants which have been used in the preparation of nutritious, warming pheasant casseroles, and also in The Country Curry, a delicious, mildly spicy pheasant curry. The latest addition to the range is Venison Bolognese. M C Kelly is committed to supplying 6.5 tons of minced venison for this, the result being that needy children will be receiving another variety of delicious, nutritious, protein rich, low fat meal.

In the past, the consumption of venison was largely associated with royalty and the aristocracy, due to its perception as an expensive, rarer meat source. However, with advances in modern farming methods and changing attitudes, it is becoming far more widely available and is rapidly finding its way onto the everyday family’s dinner table, not just in high-end restaurants. Venison has a fabulous taste, has a succulent and tender texture, and its benefits over other types are meat are numerous. It is low in fat and high in protein (27%), has a lower cholesterol value than beef and is also a particularly good source of zinc. All this means that it is becoming widely recognised as a healthier option.

The benefits of grass-fed meat have increasingly come into the public consciousness over recent years, and with deer being naturally grass fed they are rapidly becoming the leading source of sustainable meat.

To support the ongoing work of The Country Food Trust, The Meat Box Company is delighted to offer a £1 saving on our fabulously juicy, tender and flavoursome Venison Loin Steaks. You can, of course, keep the £1 saving, but we would love it if you could help the cause further by donating it directly to the charity, simply by clicking this link – The Country Food Trust

In addition to this, for every venison loin steak we sell, The Meat Box Company will donate £1 to the Country Food Trust so that more children than ever can receive nutritious and delicious meals.

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