Oven Ready Turkey


From the heart of the Midlands, our Oven Ready Turkey, reared by the Caldecott family, offers a taste of tradition. Limited stock ensures exclusivity for your festive feast. Weight: 4.5 – 6kg


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Experience the Tradition: Oven Ready English Turkey

Dive into a culinary journey with our Oven Ready English Turkey, a symbol of tradition, quality, and impeccable taste. Every turkey we offer is a product of dedication, care, and a deep-rooted passion for poultry farming.

Originating from Holly Farm, these turkeys are not just any ordinary birds. They are a testament to the age-old farming practices that prioritize the well-being and natural instincts of the animals. Behind these exceptional turkeys is the Caldecott family, a name synonymous with poultry excellence. Since 1933, the Caldecotts have poured their heart and soul into rearing turkeys, refining their methods with each passing generation. Their commitment is evident in every bite, offering a taste that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly genuine.

Choosing our Oven Ready Turkey means you’re not just getting a meal; you’re becoming a part of a storied tradition. It’s a tradition of family gatherings, festive celebrations, and moments that become cherished memories. But remember, with limited stock available, it’s a delicacy that’s as exclusive as it is delicious.

So, this festive season, let our turkey be the centerpiece of your table. Let it bring smiles, laughter, and a shared appreciation for good food and great company.

At MCKelly.co.uk, we believe in delivering meats that stand out in flavor and quality.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

4.5kg – 6kg


Store frozen until required.

Defrost in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.

Once defrosted, store at the bottom of the fridge and use within 24 Hours.

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