Dry Aged Pasture Fed Flat Iron Steaks

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Discover the culinary delight of our Dry Aged Pasture Fed Flat Iron Steaks, renowned for their outstanding flavour and succulent texture. Aged to perfection and ready to elevate your dining experience!

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Savor the Exceptional: Dry Aged Pasture Fed Flat Iron Steaks

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece with our Dry Aged Pasture Fed Steaks, each weighing around 167g. Renowned for its exceptional flavour and succulent texture, this steak offers a unique dining experience. Sourced from 100% pasture-fed cattle, it delivers an authentic, rich taste.

Known as a hidden gem among steaks, the Flat Iron Steak boasts a combination of tenderness and robust flavour. Best enjoyed as rare as possible, it allows the natural juices and beefy taste to take center stage. Each bite melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering flavour that speaks to the meat’s quality.

We age each steak for over 28 days on the bone, a process that intensifies its rich beef flavour. This aging not only heightens the taste but also enhances the meat’s tenderness, making every bite a delight. Whether grilled, seared, or broiled, this versatile cut adapts beautifully to various cooking methods.

We are dedicated to providing you with premium cuts that elevate your dining experience. Our Dry Aged Steaks are a reflection of this commitment. Promising a meal that is unforgettable in every sense.

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our curated selection at The Meat Box Company – Farm Wilder 100% Pasture-Fed beef.


Additional information

Weight .168 kg


Store frozen until required.

Defrost in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.

Once defrosted, store at the bottom of the fridge and use within 48 hours.

100% Pasture Fed Meat


o Lower total fat levels and a lower saturated fat content.
o Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower, and healthier ratio of omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids
o Significantly higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than meat from grain-fed animals and higher levels of vaccenic acid, which can be turned into CLA.
o Higher vitamin and mineral levels. Particularly rich in vitamins A and E, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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