Premium Steak Bundle

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Indulge in the finest with our Premium Steak Bundle. Subscribe and Save on Premium Steaks for exclusive discounts on dry-aged and prime cuts.

Dry Aged 18oz T-Bone Steak


Dry Aged 14oz Rib End Sirloin Steak


8oz British Rump Steak

£4.64 each

8oz British Sirloin Steak

£6.75 each

8oz British Rib Eye Steak

£6.75 each


Subscribe and Save on Premium Steaks

With our exquisite Premium Steak Bundle. This collection is a testament to the art of butchery, featuring some of the finest cuts aged to perfection. With an immediate 10% discount and an extra saving for subscribers, this bundle is a treat for true steak aficionados. Subscribe and Save on Premium Steaks: Elevate your dining experience with steaks that stand out. When you subscribe, you not only ensure a regular supply of these luxurious cuts but also enjoy additional savings. It’s our way of sharing the joy of gourmet dining.

Dry Aged T-Bone Steak (18oz, min 510g):

A majestic cut that offers the best of both worlds – the tender fillet and the flavorful sirloin. Dry-aged to intensify its rich flavors, this steak is a centerpiece on any dining table.

Dry Aged Rib End Sirloin Steak (14oz, min 400g):

A cut that boasts marbling and a rich beefy flavor, enhanced further by the dry aging process. It’s a steak that promises a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Prime Rump Steak (8oz, approx 227g):

Known for its lean texture and deep flavor, our rump steak is a delightful balance of tenderness and taste. Perfect for those who enjoy a meaty bite.

Prime Sirloin Steak (8oz, approx 227g):

A classic favorite, our sirloin steak is both tender and flavorful. It’s a versatile cut that shines in a variety of preparations.

Prime Rib Eye Steak (8oz, approx 227g):

Celebrated for its marbling, the rib eye promises a juicy and flavorful bite. It’s a steak that truly celebrates the richness of beef.

At, we’re passionate about delivering cuts that transform meals into memorable experiences. Our Premium Steak Bundle is a reflection of this passion, ensuring you savor every bite.


Store frozen until required.

Defrost in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.

Once defrosted, store at the bottom of the fridge and use within 48 hours.

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