Turkey and Gammon Bundle

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Subscribe and Save on Poultry & Pork with our Turkey and Gammon Bundle. Enjoy 10% off, with additional savings for subscriptions, on premium British meats from juicy joints to tender escalopes.

Boneless Turkey Breast Joint

Boneless Gammon Joint

Turkey Steaks

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Gammon Steak

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Diced Turkey Breast

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Subscribe and Save on Turkey & Pork

Subscribe and Save on Turkey & Gammon with our exclusive Bundle. This handpicked selection combines the finest British poultry and pork, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. With an immediate 10% discount and an extra saving for subscribers, it’s a culinary journey that promises both value and quality.

Turkey Joint:

A classic choice for festive occasions, our turkey joint is tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. Perfectly seasoned and prepared, it’s a centerpiece that promises to impress.

Gammon Joint:

Our gammon joint is a testament to the rich heritage of British pork farming. Succulent and flavorful, it’s a versatile cut that can be roasted, boiled, or even grilled.

Turkey Escalopes:

Thinly sliced and tender, our turkey escalopes are perfect for quick meals. Whether pan-fried or grilled, they offer a lean and delicious bite.

Gammon Steaks:

A beloved British classic, our gammon steaks are both juicy and savory. Ideal for grilling or pan-searing, they’re a treat any day of the week.

Diced Turkey:

Our diced turkey is versatile and lean, making it perfect for stews, curries, or stir-fries. Its fine texture and rich flavor ensure a delightful culinary experience.

At, we’re committed to bringing the finest British meats to your table. Our Turkey and Gammon Bundle, with its diverse range of cuts, is a reflection of this dedication. Dive in and savor the difference with every bite. And remember, Subscribe and Save on Turkey & Gammon for even greater savings

Additional information

Boneless Turkey Breast Joint


1.2kg, 2.5kg

Boneless Gammon Joint

Size (kg)

1.2kg, 1.8kg

Turkey Steaks




Store frozen until required.

Defrost in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge.

Once defrosted, store at the bottom of the fridge and use within 48 hours.

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