Roasted Topside of Beef


Roasted Topside of Beef

Sunday roast never tasted so good! Our British Topside has a delicate rich flavour and cooks to perfection in under an hour. The topside is the long inner muscle of the cow’s thigh, its lean and available boned and rolled for roasting

 Ingredients – Serves 4-6

1.2 kg topside of beef
2 red onions, roughly diced
1 bulb of garlic, cut in half
2 carrots, roughly diced
3 sprigs thyme

Method – pre heated oven 220c fan assisted or 230c electric, Gas 8

Remove the meat from the fridge, take off the packaging and pat dry.  Allow to come to room temperature for around 20 minutes.
Add the vegetables to a large roasting tray, season the meat and place the joint on top of the vegetables.
Place in the centre of the oven and roast for 20 minutes at 220c, then reduce the temperature to 160c fan or 180c electric Gas 4
Continue roasting for 15 minutes per 500g for medium rare, or 25 minutes per 500g for medium, 30 minutes per 500g for well done.
If you are using a meat thermometer a core temperature of 52c is an ideal temperature for a medium rare joint.

Remove from the oven, put onto a clean tray and keep warm by covering with foil.  Rest the meat for 20 minutes so all the juices are reabsorbed.

For the Gravy

Add some beef stock to the tray that you cooked the beef in, bring to the boil and then pass through a fine sieve pushing all the juices from the vegetables into a clean saucepan.  Add any of the juices from the resting meat tray.  Bring to the boil for 5 minutes, set aside until ready to serve.


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