Turkey Tips and Tricks

turkey tips and tricks

All the Turkey tips and tricks you could need to have an easy and perfect Christmas turkey.


Our turkey breast joints come in 2 sizes this year, 1.2 and 2.5kg.
To defrost these birds, we advise:
– In the fridge:  (4 C or below)  8-12 hrs per kg
– In a cool room: (below 17.5C) 3-4 hrs per kg

Cooking Time

We recommend cooking your turkey breast joint for 20 mins per kg +70 mins, so:
– 1.2kg= 1hr 35 mins plus resting
– 2.5kg=  2hrs plus resting
All at 170C fan/ 190C / Gas 5

We always recommend that the inside of your Turkey be 70C when it is ready, with no pink meat and the juices running clear.



Turkey crowns dry out considerably less when roasted, which is one of the reasons they are becoming increasingly popular, meaning brining becomes almost redundant. However it’s still a personal choice, so if you do decide to brine, remember to alter your recipe for a turkey crown!


To Cook:


50g butter
Turkey crown


  1.   Heat the oven to 170C fan/ 190C / gas 5
  2.   Smear butter over the turkey crown. Season with salt and pepper
  3.   Place in the roasting tin skin side up. Roast for allotted time until internal temperature is between 65 and 70C.
  4.   Remove turkey from the oven and rest in a warm place for 20 mins.

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