Venison with mushroom sauce

Venison Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Venison Loin steaks are perhaps the most overlooked steaks on the butchers slab. They are however one of the best types of steak on offer. A lovely tender texture and so meaty and juicy. Best served medium rare. This simple recipe is so quick and simple and even better is a one pan operation.

Preparation time: less than 10 mins
Cooking time: approx 10 mins
Serves: 2


• 2 Venison Loin Steak (Approx 340g)
• 25g Butter
• 1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil
• 1 Shallot finely diced
• 2 tbsp sherry preferably but white wine is an alternative
• 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
• 6 tbsp double cream
• 50/60g  sliced mushrooms chestnut, wild or buttons (or if you have dried 25g if you do soak in 100ml hot water for 10 minutes)
• 1 sprig of thyme
• salt and pepper
• 100ml stock beef or chicken fresh or from cube or save dried mushroom soaking stock


1. Season steaks generously with salt and pepper, especially pepper
2. Add the butter and oil to pan heat until foaming ( the oil prevents butter from burning too quickly)
3. Put Steaks into foaming butter to cook for medium rare approximately 2 minutes on each side remove from pan and set aside whilst you make sauce in same pan
4. In the pan add the shallots and fry, then add mushrooms ( if using dried drain off water first and dry) cook until lightly brown, then add Thyme, sherry, balsamic vinegar, stock and cream reduce until sauce thickens
5. put steak back in the pan to warm through and spoon over the sauce.
6. Serve on a warm plate.

Serving suggestions

Creamy mash and tender stem broccoli.

Roasted butternut squash with rosemary and garlic, Buttered jersey royals, Crusty toasted sour dough.

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