An environmentally conscious company

Our farm premises in the heart of Devon is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. We generate 50% of our electricity with our own wind turbines and 50kw solar panels and plan to increase this in coming years. We recycle all our waste heat from our fridges and freezers into heating for our water and have a series of water saving measures in place which have reduced our water usage by 60% over the past few years. We are always looking at ways to improve our environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint.

We have taken our attitude towards the environment into the packaging we use to get our frozen meat to you. This is why we use a revolutionary, sustainable, and eco-friendly insulated shipping system which uses sheep’s wool.

Ethically minded recyclable packaging

The Woolcool packaging is made with 100% felted sheep’s wool and is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. There are a number of ways you can reuse the wool liners including hanging baskets, pet beds, rabbit hutches, craft and homework projects, protecting plants from frost and slugs, pipe lagging, pads for kneeling and more ….

However, if you aren’t looking to reuse the wool liner, simply remove the plastic liner which can be put in your standard plastic recycling bin, then just put the wool liner either into a compost bin or dig into the soil in the garden, as the wool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil as it breaks down. Some local authorities will accept the wool in household garden waste bins but even if it ends up in the general waste, it will break down in landfill.

Woolcool Packaging 1 a

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