Never Fear Blast Frozen is Here! We freeze it to save you the bother

All our meat is freshly prepared, vacuum sealed and immediately blast frozen to retain all the natural flavours.


• Helps preserve food by removing air from the bag it is stored in
• It gets rid of oxygen which affects food in various ways including odour, colour, taste & texture
• Vacuum sealing holds in the moisture, juices and flavour of the food; you’ll notice the difference in taste
• Most vacuum sealed foods will last in the refrigerator for up to 7-10 days, which is much longer than the typical 2-3 days food will last when stored conventionally in a refrigerator

Frozen Meat Delivery UK
Frozen Meat Delivery UK


• Helps to preserve nutrients in food
• The speedy freezing process of the blast freezer effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration
• It dramatically improves the quality of your meat
• Halts the spread of bacteria, resulting in food that is both fresher and safer to eat
• Frozen food that is vacuum sealed lasts an average 12 months

With years of knowledge and advances in technology we are always working with the best and most up to date process to ensure all our meat products are safe, fresh and delivered from our farm to your front door in perfect condition.

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